Recommendations for interventions in public areas

Recommendations for interventions in public areas

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This guide works around concepts as the contribution to building a more resilient territory, the maximization of the possible benefit from the action implemented, introducing the gender perspective and capturing and storing energy.


This guide of recommendations for future interventions in public areas is the result of the citizen laboratory "WALKING THE STREETS!" developed by URBANBAT together with ColaBoraBora and Civersity between the months of October and November as part of the 5th Festival Town Planning and Social Innovation of Bilbao.

It is a partial work, inevitably influenced by the subjectivity of the laboratory participants and by the limited time available for its development. It is, however, a valuable guide, the result of collaborative work and collective intelligence. The document is open to modification and enrichment, making it possible to continue to establish criteria that are more sustainable, and adapted to a human scale, for the transformation of our neighbourhoods.

Each of the recommendations is accompanied by a practical example located in a specific city in the world. These examples can serve as inspiration for future interventions and demonstrate that the type of proposals included in this giude are possible.

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